Our commitment to you

Proud Prosumers , supporting the Made in France, caring for everyone’s well-being, concerned with environmental and water issues, committed to our values of kindness and respect – for our suppliers, for the environment, for regulations and therefore, for our customers.

This is why:

We are committed to…. sustainable development:

  • Through an eco-design approach for formulae development; the use of recyclable packaging from the soap industry and vegetable-based inks; and an assessment of our carbon footprint;
  • By searching for organically grown or eco-responsible raw materials.

We are committed to… authenticity:

  • By promoting our local natural heritage of Provence and opting for short supply chains.
  • By promoting the French art de vivre and elegance.
We are committed to… quality manufacturing:
  • With our journey towards organic certification.
  • By complying with regulations: our products are not tested on animals, our formulae are registered with competent authorities, and our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensure product traceability.
We are committed to… quality products. Our soaps are guaranteed:
Superfat: the naturally present glycerin and superfatting (+8 to 10% of noble oil is added in surplus to the formula) hydrate, nourish and restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film that is partly removed after the detergent action of the soap. Without these two ingredients, the soap would dry out and/or irritate the skin. Without foaming agents, parabens, preservatives or controversial additives: a balanced formulation of olive oils, coconut and grape seed oil, resulting in soaps that are both soft and foamy, with high levels of antioxidant elements. Palm oil free: no need for palm oil since it lacks beneficial properties for the skin and participates in the scourge of deforestation, which we want to halt with our means! We have replaced it with shea butter which makes our soaps creamy and dense. Without synthetic dyes: they are mainly coloured with ochres or clays with beneficial properties for the skin, or are not coloured at all, allowing a pleasant use centred on the fragrance and the softness of the foam. Synthetic fragrance and perfume free: we only perfume our soaps with essential oils, all specific and beneficial for the skin. Their aromatherapy properties will make them the privileged companion for your moments of wellness and relaxation.