Véronique Verna-Carlier

If I could tell you just one thing about myself, it would be how much the well-being of others – and a little bit mine too, is my leitmotif and my mantra in life.

It all started with my children, whose health and well-being have always been a priority. It has not always been easy: Between diseases, skin problems and treatments that did not always work, I decided to turn to natural alternatives to get rid of those pesky everyday pains. Little by little, I started using more natural products at home, then in the garden. I was driven by the desire to better protect our planet and live life more naturally. I also gradually replaced my conventional beauty products with products free of endocrine disrupters, and even started making my own creams to have better control over the ingredients!

After that, on the advice of a friend, I completed a few soap-making training courses on the cold saponification technique and a perfumery training with a focus on essential oils. From then on, I never stopped! My family and friends served as guinea pigs for my new soap recipes, and I have always strived to offer them products that were good for their skins and had a pleasant scent.